YOUR message through YOUR eyes right into YOUR mind & heart – what’s YOUR dayleeyoo?

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who loves you, baby?

you know how we email back and forth with each other – tweet – text – whisper – call –

you get what we’re doing, right?

we’re sending messages.

with words, images and songs, too.

what message do YOU send yourself daily?

it’s what i call your daily-you!

it’s cuter if you spell it like this:   go to site dayleeyoo.  (then it kind of sounds like a song.)

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choose carefully what messages you send and make them part of where you are – make them a part of your space – surround yourself with messages that speak TO YOU

of your hopes and dreams,

what you INTEND,

what you WANT, what fills you with peace, joy, and inspiration.

hope and peace are to be cultivated – like a garden, tended to, nurtured to life.

help yourself grow what you most want in your life by creating symbols, reminders, messages that are precisely what you need to focus on to thrive.

your art of intention supports you – lifts you up

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visually speaks volumes to you with each glance in its direction. if you’d like to explore intentional art, first-hand art can be a great way to stART.

(have YOU signed up for the stART, yet? – it’s easy, please do! —>)

make yourself a sign – a banner, some words, JUST for YOU.

do you have a “word of the year?” that’s a great work of art in the making!

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the “i love you” artwork in the image in this post is one i made with just a handful of materials – it was easy and i share with you how below – i didn’t keep the artwork though, because love is best SHARED.

S H A R E D .

(i gave this artwork to my mom.)

don’t wait for valentine’s day to say “i love you” to the people you love.

i’ve made it EASY for you to say it today:  you can download this image right now free IF you will send it to someone you love–

you can right-click on it and choose “save” to your computer*,

just please don’t alter the image –

more I LOVE YOUs in the world can only be a really good thing!

here’s how YOU can make your own ~

i love you, original art, julie doane roberts, jewel-words

you need these things:

  • a frame with glass
  • glass beads
  • glue that dries clear
  • patience while it dries

follow these steps:

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1. buy (or find & recycle) a picture or mirror frame – with glass to fit inside.  make sure the frame has a way of holding the glass in the frame with metal prongs, or something similar, OR if it doesn’t, you can glue your glass right into the frame to solve that easily.

2.  collect or buy glass beads of gorgeous jewel-toned colors.

3. obtain glue that DRIES CLEAR – you saw that, right?  (make sure it says dries clear!).

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4. write something meaningful in glue and gently deposit colored glass atop the glue lines – don’t move stuff around a lot, or you’ll smear glue – uh-oh.  sweet “not too big” and “not too small” lines of glue that will hold your glass beads gently but firmly in place is what you want.

[you can string the beads first on thread or wire, or you can just place them bead by bead along the glue lines.]

5. wait for it to dry.  patiently wait.  in happy anticipation, even.

6.  hold it to the light – your word(s) will GLOW –

this will inspire you.

[7. when you love your artwork, remember that’s why i wanted to share with you – so you would love-love-love it, too.]

8. exhibit your words as intentional art

write HOPE if that is your word of the year;

write LOVE if you keep forgetting to love yo’ precious self;

write NOW if you keep falling into the past or zipping anxiously into the future;

write PLAY if you are just too flippin’ serious!

9. use your art to bring you clarity – color – and calm.

10. then, be the gift sharer – a gift for YOU or someone else!

remember:  the important thing is the gift.

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one last thing – i’d love to know what you think, so please share your comments.  did you send the “i love you” to someone – to whom?  did you make yourself some art for unique interior design – what word(s) did you bring to life?

* if you click on the image first, it will open to a larger size – right click on that one and you’ll have an even better quality copy.

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Tom Volkar / Delightful Work January 29, 2011 at 12:33 pm

Julie, I enjoyed reading this simple and inspiring message and especially the detailed how to information. I haven’t yet taken the plunge from reading about it to actually creating anything – but I’m getting closer thanks to your inspired instruction.

julie January 30, 2011 at 12:42 am

hi tom ~
inspiration is the goal, so thanks for your good words. creative works unfold like flowers, so you can count on them breaking into blossoms in perfect time!
~ julie

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