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epic art original sculpture by julie doane roberts

Epic Art

Your First-hand Art Experience includes one-on-one tutoring sessions to create one of these three options:

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Epic Art ~ these stunning sculptures are an adventure in self-discovery and also make truly special and unique Wedding or Anniversary gifts from the heart. These one-of-a-kind works of art feature personal treasures and jewel-toned beads that dance in the light and interact with the environment creating unique shadows, silhouettes and sparkles of light off the crystals as they shift in the air. (for more info on Epic Art, click here.)

original sculpture by julie doane roberts

Colorfall close-up

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Colorfall ~ these sculptures bring joy to nature lovers by bringing the inspiring colors of water into your home or office, twinkling in the changing light and soothing the eye and spirit. Easy to create in different sizes and shapes, these inspiring crystal waterfalls cascade constantly to remind you to fill yourself with light and let the world fall into place.  (for more images of colorfalls, click here.)

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OR Your Custom Sculpture ~ this sculpture is so mysterious and personal, I can’t yet tell what it looks like because we first need to investigate what you WANT in your space, then we custom design it and set about its creation. This option is for you if you want something totally unique and have some favorite building materials you’d like help using in an artistic way to create your personal sanctuary’s showcase work of art.

How the program works:

  • After signing upth, you’ll receive a questionnaire to explore your goals for your space and yourself, so we can begin to develop the best way to inspire you with your first-hand art;
  • Over the course of five weeks, we meet on a skype call once a week for an hour (or twice for a half hour, if that suits your schedule better) and create a custom plan for you and your space, with clear steps to take to begin your art;
  • We tailor your work of art to what YOU want and need in YOUR space to inspire YOU – either an Epic art, Colorfall or Your-Unique-Art sculpture – and we custom design the size, shape, materials and work of art for your particular space and deepest wishes for your inspiration;
  • Based on your choice of sculpture and the size of your space, I provide a materials list so you can order the materials online or purchase them at a local crafts and/or hardware store convenient to you;
  • We tailor the artwork and the process to what your personal intentions and goals are for yourself and your life at this time – this allows your work of art to support you in deep ways by acting as a visual reminder of your deepest intentions and desires.

A Quick overview of the steps I’ll guide you through:

  • compose a plan for your intentional work of epic art, including its best location in your space;
  • collect your personal OoMs (Objects of Meaning), crystal beads, etc., to include in your art;
  • contemplate and play with what stories these objects represent and how best to use and/or redefine them for your highest good;
  • learn step-by-step how to construct your work of art;
  • celebrate your true one-of-a-kind creation that honors YOUR story, both the old and NEW.

Consciously creating your work of art can bring deep meaning to your space – a tangible reminder of your hopes and dreams.

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What you’ll have when we complete the program is a stunning work of art that changes your space with a dynamic sculpture built just for you. This work of art will accompany you through your days and nights, blessing your home or workspace with a delightful vision of your best and highest intentions for yourself and your life, creating beauty that dances in the light and breeze, sparkling and inspiring you at every glance!


  • It’s easy to sign up!
  • 100% confidential.
  • 100% full satisfaction guaranteed OR your money back – really!
  • Meaningful and artistic adventure to support you in pursuit of your dearest dreams and wishes.

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And if you’d like to know how much fun it is to have your own one-of-a-kind work of art,
here’s how much michelle loves her colorfall:
original sculpture, julie doane roberts
This amazing, inspired piece of art hangs from a 22-foot wall and was created for my land-locked home in Colorado with the intention of bringing the harmony, flow, energy and color of water into my space.

This piece hangs in the center of my home and keeps the chi moving and flowing, creating balance for my family and I love how the beads shimmer and the little bells on the bottom of each strand jingle in the breeze.

I love how this art has the ability to both calm my senses and energize me. I love how the top piece of the art hangs from a beautiful piece of wood discovered next to a pond near my house. I love how the piece is so unique and personalized to my sacred living space.

Every newcomer to my home admires this special piece of art and beauty. It’s one-of-a-kind!

happy colorfall owners
~ michelle h. baltierras
(and her cute family)
boulder, colorado, usa

Interested in more details about how first-hand art can inspire you?

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The magic that is first-hand art is about you and your power to create. We’re born with wild imaginations though we are inundated while growing up with powerful messages that reward sameness, time and time again.

Sameness is boring… And ultimately not fulfilling.

That’s why your unique self waits patiently to be invited back to the forefront of your experience. That’s why creating art is so profound – you experience yourself as the creator you were always meant to be.

Creators MAKE. They conjure and BUILD. They IMAGINE and then CREATE that imagined thing.

That’s powerful stuff – it’s transformative, actually. It can transform your space AND you in the process, too.

Is there anything you would like to transform? Is there an old story or thought that holds you back? Is there a tale you tell yourself of woe or lack that you would like to transform to a story of deep joy, for instance?

Would you like to enjoy a unique experience of self-discovery and healing?

First-hand art is NOT about rejecting melancholy and pretending things are fine when they aren’t.

First-hand art is about seeing things as they are – being at one with what is. It’s about accepting and allowing and then experiencing in a deep way the power we have to transform one thing into another.

That’s personal POWER. It’s an opportunity for enlightened action. But we can’t build with what we can’t see. And we can’t see what we’re too afraid to face.

So first-hand art is a process by which we experience what “is” and then go about the realizing of new options.

Imagination allows us to see new possibilities. Imagination is about visualizing what isn’t and then making it into something that is.

Sometimes our lives are overwhelming and even contemplating a fix or solution is too much to handle.

That’s why art is a bit of magic, I think – art is an access point. Art is possibility in your hands. Art is a tool of transformation that brings gifts you don’t yet know how to ask for.

Join me for this premiere offer for your first-hand art experience and you’ll learn for yourself how deep and rich this art adventure can be! I look forward to enriching your life and your environment by leading you through the process of building your work of art as part of your heroic journey!

First-hand art is about you becoming an explorer, an adventurer in your OWN life – oh yes, it’s YOUR life! This living you do each day and night, is about YOU and your experience. Life is well lived when we choose interesting new experiences that reveal ourselves to ourselves.

It’s not about what you own, what job title you have commandeered, what kind of car you drive or fancy outfits you wear made by so-and-so – these accomplishments cannot fill you with a lasting and profound experience of WHO you are in your essence.

First-hand art is a ticket to a deeper understanding of you, your experience and this profoundly mystical world of which you are a truly meaningful part.

It’s an experience that has the power to transform your pain and woe into a deeply loved melancholy – it’s a soulful, poignant sound or sight that brings tears to your eyes, tears that spill for understanding and deep awareness.

Join me on a journey that leads you to the deep you, by-passing all the superficial totems of a culture at odds with itself, fragmented and yearning for meaning in endeavors and obsessions where there can be none.

MAKE something REAL – real meaningful, real as in tangible, real as in soulful and deep.

Don’t miss this new one-on-one adventure for creating Epic art, a Colorfall or custom work of art!

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  • It’s easy to sign up!
  • 100% confidential.
  • 100% full satisfaction guaranteed OR your money back!
  • Meaningful and artistic adventure to support you in pursuit of your dearest dreams and wishes.

I can’t wait to meet you and get stARTed on helping you create space as unique as you are!

Questions about the program? Please feel free to email me directly: info (at) juliedoaneroberts (dot) com