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unique interior design, julie doane roberts, original artThe thing about art is the power in it – the power to creatively express what you value, what you wish to say, what you choose to visually incorporate into your daily life. Manfaat biotin untuk rambut
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Art literally comes in through your eyes, your ears, your open mind and then it wanders around your spirit and heart. Questions arise, colors soothe or excite, shapes remind you of this or that.

see An image can take you somewhere – to Italy, to decades ago, to the future, to your deepest grief or most exquisite love.

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What you surround yourself with becomes part of you – what you place on your walls, mantels, window sills, and so on, becomes part of your daily life as our planet spins to rise the sun, spins so the sun goes down, the moon and stars pass above, too, as these treasured moments tick away.

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We sometimes forget time is passing – that right now is the most important time because it is in this moment that we can actually create change. Only THIS moment holds that power. Acronis True Image Home 2010 best price
What do you choose to see each day, place on your walls, showcase on your window sill as you do the dishes, or work on your laptop – something you cherish? Do you place works of art around you that honor someone special to you and the gift they were or are to you in this life?

Do you honor your own dreams, your own personal celebrations and goals and hopes?

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Art is a tribute to that which you hold most dear. It’s why you have photographs of special times, of people whom you love, family and friends you want to cherish in your quiet moments with a full heart as you glance at that treasured face, that moment in time when you held that person close, that precious experience you can glimpse again through an image or symbol that brings it all back.

Place with reverence a work that makes a statement about your hopes, love, values, wishes, the parts of nature you treasure, the objects that represent moments too poetically tender to accurately describe in words.

Take a look around you – have you surrounded yourself with art that speaks to and for your heart? Does the tone of the work reflect back to you your highest goals and values?

Does your art inspire you to appreciate with gratitude the blessings you’ve experienced? Does your art celebrate your dreams? Does your art accurately sing back to you what you love most in this world?

Surround yourself with art that supports you, honors what you hold dear, celebrates your one-of-a kind life. If your art doesn’t fit you, it’s time to make a change – YOU orchestrate your space and your art can be in sync with your most soulful loves and dreams.

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