Where Are You – And When?

original art, the precarious dance of awareness

the precarious dance of awareness, sculpture

Time keeps rolling along, have you noticed? Sometimes, I can break away from time and forget it’s passing without ceasing. And then something happens to remind me that we are, indeed, getting older – all of us.

Are we getting wiser too?

That certainly makes aging seem more meaningful, doesn’t it? If we get wiser, more in tune, able to leap moment to moment with a deep sense of knowing and appreciation, then years may stack up, but we won’t complain or feel bad.

We’ll look in the mirror and know silently where those grey hairs came from – and we’ll love each and every one. Those grey hairs are from my late nights up toasting with friends by the fireplace, and these are from swimming out to Fisher’s Island with my siblings from the craggy shores of Groton Long Point, and these here are from The Tidewater, in Southampton, where I looked up from the bar to learn from the chattybox that America had just invaded Iraq that March evening.

Maybe some of these grey hairs are from when I learned some people I love are being set loose from their physical moorings, being worn away, slowly, but surely, yes, time is passing.

Memory, Joy… Fear?

When we look back, time can seem a bending tool – a way to bridge then and now and connect to a moment or memory. When we look ahead, time can seem a gift – a gift if we anticipate good things, that is. But time can also induce fear – fear of the unknown, fear of the worst case scenario, fear of whatever the chattybox is prompting us to fix with a purchase or distraction or snack.

What if we could just put time in a trance? What if we could make this very moment – right now – a longer moment than usual by really, really BEing here – ?

[and this is the hinge on which creativity hangs – be present, and you’ve got access to your powers of imagination, your most empowered response awaits your presence, your deep, true, real “in the moment” presence where you can hear the whispers of your heart, where you can sense your soul nudging you toward your highest expression]

Where are you — right now?

So often we’re not actually present where we’re standing or sitting. We’re looking out into the street and wondering what he meant when he said this or that. Or we’re sitting with our chin in hand, looking out the window and wondering what life would be like if –

But if we’re really, really HERE right NOW, then what happens is this: we notice the sunlight on the late spring leaves, we hear the squeak-squawk of a bird in the yard, we notice the humming of an engine off in the distance, we sense our breathing, appreciate the colors, recognize that the air smells a bit sweet from the peonies in bloom, and we even grasp how lucky we are to be alive, to have such rich opportunities, to be given another chance each moment.

Then we feel gratitude.

We feel a deep sense of gratitude because we’ve left the past behind, and the future to itself, and instead of zipping off there, we remember to be here now.

BE where you are. Take a moment and feel, see, listen, tune in. Take your time. Now is a long time, but you’ve got to stay here – in the now – to know that.

Wherever you are, whenever you are, I’m whispering in your ear right now:

be – here – now.
be here now – be here now – be here now – be here now – be here now – be here now

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be here now – be here now – be here now – be here now – be here now – be here now

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