What One Creative Action Will You Take Today?

all you do is fly, writing, the drum beats, sunlight, shadow

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So you see lots of art out there and you think it looks cool. Maybe you wish you could draw – play – paint – sing like that, but you’ve already decided that’s beyond you.

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60 second binary option strategy forum That’s the first thing that has to go – the thought that you and art are two different things.

http://www.unusualattractions.com/binary-options-net-charts-now You see, you are your first work of art, and all other works of art unfold from the YOU you have created thus far.

It’s important to note: what you’ve done so far has nothing to do with what you can do in the future – nothin’!

The past is the past for a reason. It’s to make room for NOW.

Yeah, that’s right, right now, today, THIS moment.

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What’s stopping you from taking out a piece of paper and writing some words on it that travel from your heart to the page? What’s preventing you from writing some words down, humming them, playing with a melody that expresses how you feel?

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Do you think your first song has to sound like a top 20 hit from the first note that comes out of your mouth?  It doesn’t.  It can be the most humble song ever sung and still it’s a special song to you.

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The path is about allowing yourself to find your way, not to start off perfect. You’ve got to play for a while to find what you’re looking for. You’ve got to write fifty words on the page to find the magical five that sing.

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It’s a sorting of things. You sift through what you’ve got and find the gems. But first you’ve got to make some things – and the possibilities are countless.

You can draw, even if your drawing feels more like a doodle at first.

You can write a song, even if it sounds more like a ditty than a masterpiece.

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You can write a poem, even if it sounds more like a few lines scrawled down for no apparent reason – over time, the reason will reveal itself to you.

Then do it again. Then do it five more times. Then ten more. Then sift through them. Allow time between so you can expand your perspective.

It’s about exploring. Discovery. Seeking. Seeing all things anew.

Ok so let’s review: what is the obstacle to you finding a great way to demonstrate creatively what’s on your mind?

It’s your mind preventing you from expressing what’s on your mind – ah, precious paradox!

How can you quiet your mind long enough to explore a new form of expression when your mind is yammering away – this is silly, who do i think i am, i’m not an artist, i’m not the creative sort, etc.?

What if you let your mind chatter on while you explore these things? Just witness the words and crazy antics. Gently turning down the volume on the fear and fretting until the ranting is a hush in the background.

Keep moving forward through a small step toward creative action.

Just a tiny step counts BIG, especially when you’re starting.

Just one tiny teensy step toward a more creative you.

So let yourself play – you deserve it.

Let me know what you discover!

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