what my shadow whispers constantly

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our thoughts propel us forward and bitcoin web wallet github move from invisible to the physical world as we act in accordance with our thinking.  so, we think thoughts of plenty and move through the world acting as though there is plenty.

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it sounds so simple.  and it is.  http://thebestspy.com/us-cboe-credit-event-binary-options-traders but what if despite our best intentions, we experience thoughts we don’t want – what if we want to believe there is plenty yet experience something else?

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the beauty of our every misstep and perceived failure is that these follow site hold the potential for our becoming more and get link more aware – this is what our shadows do for us – they follow us around and whisper, the truth is my opposite.

go site the truth is my opposite, shadow says.

have you heard your shadow say the truth is my opposite?

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this is how i have come to know and love my shadow.  when something i don’t like or want shows up, i lean in real close to http://www.mshvmanos.com/stockpair-berichte hear what wisdom comes.  over and over, the same hushed voice has said, the truth is my opposite.

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how can this be?  well, for me it looks like this:  when i perceive the light as “out there” somewhere, then a shadow results as the light falls on me at an angle.  when i know the light is inside me, no shadows can result – it’s always high noon, http://thebestspy.com/binary-options-one-deal-a-day must be how halos got situated, and no shadow shows up when i know this.

all your shadow can ever say is the truth is my opposite.

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most of us run so quickly from our shadows we can’t hear what we’re being told.  that’s why we must address the shadow face to face – open, listening. that’s why we need to know the location of the light, and our shadows merely alert us to it.

so if you come up quick against something you don’t want and feel you’ve slammed into your worst thoughts made real, look right at it and consider this:  the truth is its opposite.

recognize the opposite.  note the realness of the opposite of your shadow.  compile evidence for the opposite of your shadow. thank your shadow for waking you up.

know these things and then move on to other activities, so you’re shadow can fade to nothing, leaving only what truly is – the bright light you carry inside.

can you hear what your shadow says?

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Tammy Vitale November 9, 2010 at 9:20 pm

Shadows fascinate me. It took me a really long time to understand the project of one’s own shadow – that we see in others pieces of ourselves that we often deny or don’t like. Great post!

julie November 9, 2010 at 9:43 pm

thanks, tammy!

one of the things i find most fascinating about our shadows is that they “follow us around” – that ‘s interesting to contemplate, i think.

thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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