what’s the IQ of YOUR space?

look at the walls around you, the room you are in, the space you occupy – what’s its ethereum mining service Inspiration Quotient?

the IQ of your space is a predictor of:

  • how happy, content and inspired you feel in that space;
  • what impact the composition, color and artwork has on you;
  • how well your surroundings reflect WHO you are.

so, what IS the IQ of your space?

here’s a wee little test to find out –

1.  the color of my room is:

a.  drab and boring
b.  i’m not really sure it can be called a “color”
c.  pretty gorgeous
d.  perfect.

2.  the art i have on display is:

a.  what art? do you mean the post-its?
b.  from the shop at the mall
c.  mildly interesting
d.  one of a kind!

3.  my OoMs (objects of meaning) on display include:

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a.  family hand me downs that i don’t really like
b.  my swimming trophy and framed degrees
c.  some hand-selected items that i like a lot
d.  a perfect blend of my personal treasure and artwork that intrigues and delights me.

4.  i wish my room had:

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a.  some personality – it’s soooooooo dull
b.  more empty space to balance the stuff in it
c.  more light and color and cooler, more unusual art
d.  messages of inspiration for me wherever i glance, reminders of my intentions so i feel supported on the heroic journey that is THIS life.

5.  if i could wave a magic wand i would instantly place on my walls:

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a.  new walls – yes, they’re that bad
b.  paint, art – something – right now they are bare and sad looking
c.  a living wall of growing plants, or a rock wall to climb, something unusual
d.  original art so unique it reminds me how special i am.

6.  on the floors in my home and workspace are:

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a.  pet fur, random shoes, piles of laundry and dust
b.  piles of papers and half-finished projects waiting for my attention
c.  cleared areas with plenty of space that is neat and orderly
d.  flooring, carpets and coverings i enjoy walking on, handsome and/or pretty ones that are clean, relaxing and fit my living style.

7.  if my neighbor knocked on the door right now i would:

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a.  feign a VERY contagious illness to prevent entrance to the interior of my abode
b.  mumble something about bed bugs through the locked door
c.  explain i’m wrapping a surprise gift for that very neighbor – what timing!
d.  invite them in and allow them to bask in the glory that is MY unique and inspiring space!

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interior design can be as unique as a fingerprint, a quirky smile or snowflake – make sure you get your YOU on in your own home and workspace so you can enjoy a soaring high IQ and be inspired day and night!

(test scoring info below)

“a” answers earn 1 point
“b” answers earn 2 points
“c” answers earn 3 pointS
“d” answers earn 4 points


totals of 0-7 points – if you scored in this group you either skipped a step or counting is a challenge for you.  that’s ok, keep trying.  NEVER give up.

7-13 points – well, there are a lot of people out there who are displaced and seeking homes, so you’re doing all right because you HAVE somewhere to live.  this is a great place to stART!

14-20 points – not bad, pretty good, actually impressive – you have a good solid base for some magic to happen. stART wondering about some cool things you can do to make your space even more supportive of who you uniquely are.

21-28 points – well aawwlll riiiiight – nice.  i’m impressed. you’ve done some work to craft a home and workspace that supports and delights you!  now, stART inviting more people in so they can be touched by your savvy ways and they can become inspired to create space as unique as they are!

be sure to share your results in the comment section below if you’d like to share.

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