welcome to your top-secret TY hub!

you’re IN!

this is a private page i’ve designed JUST for YOU and the other fabulous people who have signed up with me to stay in touch – it’s my way of saying a sincere and heartfelt thank you for being part of my online world.

TY = thank you!

on this page you’ll find discounts and special offers ONLY available to those who hold the magic key – that’s you!

peek around and see if there’s a way i can help inspire you on a daily basis – reminders to be here now, images of delight, serenity, contemplation, or maybe something funky!

i’ve even included a special offer on first-hand art so you can transform your space with meaningful art and while you’re doing so, also bring some of your deepest-held dreams to life.

this personal, top-secret magic TY! key and hub are YOURS because i appreciate YOU being on this journey with me–

thank you!


** only $32.00 for your own personal hand-crafted be here now talisman!

  • bring awareness and the power of NOW into sight with these beautiful antique charms, indian bells and cobalt blue glass bead (includes shipping, too) ~


** twenty-five dollars off any print, giclée or original art (originals will available soon – my studio is coming to life with new sculptures and paintings!)

order directly from the art gallery and insert the words “TY! key” into the special instructions area – upon receiving your order, $25.00 will immediately be refunded to you!


** special price for your first-hand art experience – custom-designed for you and your space, to inspire you with a unique work built just FOR you, with your own hands!

  • for details, see this page — but come back here to order, so you can receive this special price! your special TY hub price is $150.00 off the regular price!


** and please remember your free first-hand art chat is available to you if you’d like to talk about some art options for your space to get your creative mind focused on transforming your space. just click on the contact tab at the top of this page and send me a quick yes, i’d love to chat message – i’d love to inspire you to stART some art!

i make colorfalls and epic art and more – let’s come up with something designed especially for you!

and most of all, thank you for your presence.