this image’s story is not one i wrote. the story is of someone else’s making.

another evening well spent above the el n’ gee club in new london, connecticut, drawing with an assorted variety of artists in doug’s lair.

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i’m not sure who brought in the gun and the hat and the glasses and the “old west” meets “urban streets” thing, but i was just there to draw.

if i recall correctly, she went first. the pistol seemed awkward in her hand, though i think under the right circumstances, she would fire.

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then doug got involved i can’t recall whether he posed with her or whether i just drew him right into the drawing of her – no matter, here they exist, side by side, the story of peeking, glimpses, glances, missed opportunities and no second chances.

what was the trigger? and did you notice the holes piercing the paper like a shot ripped through while no one was looking?

two shots there – two shots right through the paper but only i heard the bang-bang because my gun is quieter.

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