tiny blue oceans

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looking in your eyes, two very small, round blue oceans –
under clear skies, evoking in me certain emotion
that i would not have otherwise, for instance, under stormy skies
or even cloudy ones, or in the dark of night when blue is hidden,
it is the absence of light that turns the seas to black.
then it’s a struggle to make it back.

and i imagine you, and your tiny blue oceans, too.
at least that’s what you say i do – you say that i imagine you,
but how could that be true, unless of course, you are imagining me too?
and what if that’s all any of us do, what if there’s just nothing you can prove?
what would you have me do – stop imagining you?

and what if that’s the only way through?
what if that’s the only doorway to –
your oceans of blue.
your oceans of blue.

i would like to dive in. i am not afraid to swim.
let me in, blue oceans –
let me in, let me in,
let me in, let me in –

to the waves that the seas breathe up on shore,
to the breath that always breathes more…
than the rest of us. yeah that even goes for the best of us.

and like the oceans of your eyes, it comes to me as no surprise
that i love you. that’s just the kind of thing blue oceans do.
they make me love you.
that’s just what blue oceans do –

© julie doane roberts

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