the price of art and the race to free

big pile of money - cash

how much is original worth?

i’m all for people getting great deals on art – as a matter of fact, if i had my way, i’d plaster my art, as well as the art of a lot of other people, all over the place.  i’d put real art in schools, even elementary schools.

i’d create spaces where art is not just an interesting accessory, but instead it’s a focal point for the mind to consider, for the imagination to be enticed by, for the soul to reach toward as it sorts through and finds meaning in the midst of our rich AND entertaining human experience.

but i see this all the time:

great art – five bucks!  HUGE sale!  THE lowest price!

i’m not an art snob.  i used to work with kids who were 4-5 years old and i still have works of their art that i think are powerful and poignant.  it was free.  and i value it highly.

but this race to get art out there for the lowest price possible, well, that leaves me feeling like art might just be undervalued and underappreciated.

if you’ve been to my site before and wandered through the art gallery, which at this juncture only shows a fraction of the art i’ll put up, then you know i offer a lot of art as prints and giclées.

you may have noticed something else and you might be thinking:

hey, julie, there are no prices!

that’s right.  i’ve gotten some of my art up on my site, in an art gallery designed to run like a sports car so you can zoom in and out, clicking on the “learn more” button so you can read some words about each work of art − to deepen the story your eyes see by learning about the artist’s experience creating it − but i don’t yet have prices up there.  hmmm, you might think to yourself, why might that be?

the race to no value

i’m not interested in a race to the bottom.  i absolutely do not want my art in the “least expensive” category.  my art means something to me and i really only want to share it with people who feel the same way.  i care deeply about my art and because i do, i personally inspect each and every piece before it is sent to a client.

so my art will likely be priced at a point that surprises some people.  and those people may buy art that IS in the lowest priced range.  i wish them well and i wish the artists whose work they buy well, too.

i want my art priced at the point such that it will be cared for, protected, treasured and very, very valued.  i would rather sell five works of art at a high price point than one hundred for as little as possible.

what to do?

so, buy art you treasure and value highly OR hey, maybe learn to make your own?  that experience deepens the value in a way money can’t buy and it leads somewhere truly interesting, deeply personal, and seriously rich with meaning.

i want people to have access to art.  i want people to realize they are more creative than they have thus far believed.  if i could say one thing to every person in the world all at once it would be this:

your imagination misses you and wants you back!

i believe people have the power to create really interesting space with my art, other people’s art and their own art.  i’m an equal opportunity art lover – i don’t care who made it, if it moves me, if i see something UNIQUE and intriguing, i’m on board.


the delay in getting my prices up is also due to the fact that i’m currently working to start up the OneWorld art project and the groovy global art gallery all members will enjoy being featured in – namely, the likelihoodthe likelihood art gallery will feature ALL sorts of art from around the globe:  music, paintings, drawings, sculptures, poetry and so on.

it shall be glorious – i decree it!  it will be hub of good things and much love shall result.  so shall it be written, so shall it be done.

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