tai chi spring

for over a decade, this colorfall sculpture has welcomed my guests near the front door.  the Swarovski® crystals fill with light and glow in turquoise, aquamarine, cobalt and royal blue.

when i feel down or dismayed,  i often gaze at these beads full of light and think to myself that’s all i really have to do, too – fill myself with light and hang around until things fall together again.  jewel-toned beads full of light can stop me in my tracks – i think my eyes can taste those colors, my ears can hear them sing, inside i can feel their silent perfection.

i love water and my colorfalls are a tribute to this magical, transparent life-giving element.  it’s what we’re made of, mostly, so fill yourself with light and glow.

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    each and every piece of artwork is personally reviewed by ME
    (i inspect each piece for color and quality before it ships, so i know up close and personal that the highest quality has been achieved.)
    this is a gift exchange – you gift me money, i gift you my inspired vision in tangible form.
    certificate of authenticity – my original art is available only through me. any other source is counterfeit.
    my art is infused with soul, a willingness to see everything anew AND it’s imbued with magical powers – oh, i think so!

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