statue of liberty

here she is – the one, the only, the tireless light holder at our shores: liberty.

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if only she would come ashore soon, for it seems we have been bought and sold, traded in for another kind of human which exists only in capital letters, a figment of our own creation, which now owns us instead.

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when will we right this? when will we wake up and realize liberty was planted just offshore, just out of reach, relegated to an island none of us has swum to?

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liberty, oh liberty, break from the ground and come ashore – wake us all from the stupor of too much, and too little, of being too uninformed, and too informed in meaningless ways: she wore what to the ball? was it outrageous? who cares – who stole your life while you weren’t looking? – that’s the question to seek an answer to.

we must wake up and wonder about these things – for too long we have sat like wingless birds in a nest of forgetting.

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