special offers (for special people)

For a limited time only, I’m making available my handcrafted

be – here – now

charms to help you stay present in a world tugging you this way and that.


be-here-now totem for the inspired soul


It’s easy – you can order one or more by clicking on the buy now button and I will whisk your

be – here – now

into the mail to you to mesmerize you into a state of awareness.

Why a state of awareness? 

Because THAT is where your power is.

When you be right here right now you have the power to respond in your most creative, empowered and imaginative way –
that’s what sparks solutions to what you thought were quagmires.

Every issue is an opportunity for…

a brilliant solution!

These handmade totems keep you company,

whispering –

be – here – now

A gentle reminder, a companion that suggests the highest wisdom of all –

be here now

(There is nowhere else, really, right?)

Get yours today, so we can help the world align
with empowered creativity,

delight, awareness and brilliance!

(Each totem is a handmade work of art and features custom-designed pewter charms with an antique finish, indian bells and a gorgeous cobalt bead to capture the light and fill you with joy. shipping is included!)

when you’re right here,

(r i g h t    n o w )

BEing your brilliant self,

the whole world IS a work of art! 











be – here – now — be – here – now — be – here – now — be – here – now

be – here – now — be – here – now — be – here – now — be – here – now