shea batter

neon on black dramatizes an already dramatic moment – here comes the pitch and your chance to swing.

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i wanted to capture the feeling of being at shea stadium not in some overly orchestrated composition, but as a result of being in the feeling – so the batter is caught deciphering the pitch as the woman at the bottom right hangs her arm over the side of the ramp wall, enjoying the summer eve.

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so it’s the batter AND the ramp – you know if you ever walked it the particular sounds, the footfalls, the pre- or post-game hoots and shouts (especially if those naughty phillies were in town) that echo as we traipse up or down, up and down, searching for a beer that’s not weak and watery, finally finding the brooklyn or beck’s, up the ramp, down the ramp, while the batter-hey-batter-hey-batter swings and knocks that ball clear out of the park.

yes, gary – it’s outtahere!

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