see it – do it – be it

guitar, song, music, first-hand arthere’s what we do for each other – we model.

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and i don’t mean prance around in fancy outfits either, though that surely does model for those who are looking; i mean that by being who we are we show other people new things to try in the world. Kulit kepala gatal dan rambut rontok
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i see someone play guitar.  i think that looks like fun.  i pick up a guitar – and when i do, i experience the disappearance of time, so deep, transcendent, unnamable, profound, rich and like a dream the experience is.

Gold binary options system bb12 download vs gambling then i play guitar and someone sees me and they think hey, that’s looks like fun, and i serve to pass it along.

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the same holds true for ALL artistic and creative pursuits – what we see, we can mimic.  and that’s why i’ve traveled aaaaalllll the way to cybertown to share my art and ideas with the world.

i’d like to show you how to stART your art – even the most humble art is magic in the making.

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when i’m down, when the world seems a dark and cold place, do you know what lifts me up?  taking my guitar in my arms and singing the two of us a lullaby.  it’s not fancy, i have no grammy awards, and yet that song sung to myself in a moment when i need hope is the most powerful song i’ve every heard or played.

i want that for you.

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i want you to be able to create works of art that make your soul soar.  i want you to know the extreme comfort of a song sung to yourself, by yourself, with yourself.

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i want you to know the feeling of words, scrawled on a page, that reflect perfectly the condition of your heart.  it’s a relationship that gives a potent dose of deep joy.

do you think you’re not an artist?  well, maybe you’re not – yet.  it’s all inside you waiting to be born – it’s just a matter of taking the time to create something with your own hands and imagination.  it’s about experiencing your SELF as a creator.

the best best best part?  you can’t do it wrong.  even if you declare your drawing substandard, your song only fit for your mother’s ears, make it.  sing it.

bring it!

ripple good things – in every direction.

if you are an artist and agree, please leave a comment to share what creating art is like for you.  if you have not yet jumped in to try some artistic endeavor, let me know what’s holding you back so i can help you turn down the volume on what’s stopping you and turn up the fun!

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