red scarf guy hangs around

do you have a few twisty ties that have accumulated over time?  i like to do something useful with the plethora of twisty ties that show up in my life.  red scarf guy is not alone – i have a whole village of twisty people with brightly colored scarves “blowing” in the wind, arms outstretched in this or that direction, heads wide open to facilitate the ease with which great ideas get in.

what objects accumulate in your world that could be twisted into some artistic expression or repurposed in some brilliant way to delight or solve?  think about it when you go to throw something potentially useful away – consider what other purposes could be filled by that material and use your imagination to conjure something cool.

my red scarf guy has been hanging around for quite some time and i really enjoy him.  i think it’s the bright red scarf flowing horizontally even on a windless day.  he’s always dashing, even when standing still.

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