Paradox, Your Peace & the Project

The OneWorld art project, along with its global art gallery at “the likelihood,” is designed to bring awareness to the ways art transcends boundaries, connects people on a deep level, reminds us of what’s best about our human nature:  imaginative acts and creative pursuits can heal and unite.

The idea for the OneWorld art project came through personal experience

I’ve long understood the value of creativity and I’ve dedicated a significant portion of my life to creating works of art including drawings, paintings, sculptures, music and writing.  I believe this is a wise way to live because it celebrates resourcefulness, the use of imagination, the most interesting of human responses.

Humans have made it to the top of the food chain by acting as creators – through the use of our ability to create something new, we’ve developed homes that shelter us, transportation to zip across the globe and sky, techniques and remedies for healing when we are troubled or ill.

I have found much evidence to support what I learned through creating – from the intellectual and intense to the true and accessible (item #4 in the list) – and what it all comes down to is this:  we are profoundly imaginative and powerful, and a broad, deep understanding of what it means to be alive in this world is paramount.

Artists and the courage to embrace reality

Many people try to ignore or wish away the apparent paradoxes inherent in being alive – not creatives, though – artists and creative people tend to embrace this reality rather than reject it.  Many people deny what challenges them in an effort to benefit from the perceived safety of traditional or authoritarian thinking.  Artists not only accept that paradoxes exist but they learn to work WITH what’s real and thought provoking in life.

To deny this richness of our human experience – the paradoxes life offers up – is to deny our own complexity and to miss out on so much beauty.  Paradox seems to be the language of life:  if we are to live at all, we must also die, for example.

What to do?

Art and creative pursuits are the answer, I believe.  The profound richness of life experience cannot be handled by the left-brain alone.

All the magic – the art, poetry, stunning images, songs we sing and dance to, the drama, beauty and heartfelt meaning – that’s the realm of the right brain, of the open and imaginative self responding to life the same way a flower grows in your garden:  toward the light (of understanding and connection), reaching down into the dark soil with roots seeking nourishment (into the mystery, the challenging-to-comprehend aspects of existence), reaching up toward the stars, our star, the sun, in particular (toward insight and a more aware perspective).

In order to thrive, the OneWorld art project needs artists, organizations and individuals who understand the importance of art and creative pursuits to work with me, to play with me to create this collection of amazing people who reach out into the world with creative vision.

For the gallery to fill with works of art from around the world, I need people to share the news about this new place to share works of art in a collection literally put together with one intention:  to inspire the world.

YOU are invited!

Art IS!

Art IS on the move – and coming to YOUR town via YOUR actions and words.  I hope we can raise awareness that an open mind is a resilient mind, a creative solution is always possible, it’s time to value imagination and artistic pursuits as the gift to humanity they truly are.

how has your imagination been a gift to you? how do YOU feel about paradox?

does your creativity bring light into YOUR world?

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Lisa@SacredCircle December 20, 2010 at 7:29 pm

Pure amazingness… I’m so proud of you! 🙂

julie December 21, 2010 at 5:48 pm

lisa ~
thanks for your words of encouragement on this, my friend – you know i’m out of my comfort zone putting this out there as i’m just starting on my journey. i can’t tell you how much it means to receive your words of support – thank you so much, as always!
~ julie

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