palace sidewalk her

here she is, in the middle of a bath – she must not have known we were coming. maybe she isn’t in the middle of the bath, maybe she’s at the very beginning. she seems to be contemplating the temperature of the water or perhaps her place in the cosmos – maybe she’s dreaming of einstein?

i like how her gluteus maximus reflects the sky – bet she didn’t plan that. that’s why the moment matters. everything is exactly one way this moment and may never be repeated in the history and future of the universe.

this moment – only one.

and of course, paradoxically, another unique moment comes along right after – a series? no, just one long, permanent, brief, unrepeatable, sweet, treasurable, unending “thisOnemoment” – a glimpse of a hint of a memory of time, but actually out of time – OUT of time, so precious each instant, each now.

can you NOT tick tock and just BE instead?

this palace sidewalk her knows something about not being on the clock.

i wonder when she’s going to let her hair down and go in?

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