Nine Out of Ten, a Flying Machine, a Ship, Your Vision, a Leap Cara panjang rambut
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shanti-soleil flies through the airOne day, long ago, ten people sat at a table discussing the possibility that humans would one day create flying machines – nine of those people were convinced it was impossible.

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Can you see them shaking their heads from side to side, laughing and scoffing at that one “crazy” person who was convinced we could fly like birds?äre-optionen That one “crazy” person was right. And the nine “sane” or “rational” people were wrong.

In this instance: Crazy = right; Rational = wrong.

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It’s interesting to think about because we all sit around tables discussing what is possible and not possible. And the “rational” people laugh at the “crazy” ones and yet we know deeply that what’s impossible today, might just be tomorrow’s reality.

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This is how the magic of invention happens: a creative soul IMAGINES something; then, equally as important as the vision, that imagined reality comes to life by the inspired individual taking ACTION.

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There does come a time when the logical viewpoint is necessary – the engineering of a flying machine is based on facts and numbers and real-life construction, but before that, when the idea is being born, the rational must be set aside in order for the dream to take shape.

So it’s imagination PLUS action that creates new ways of doing and seeing and being.

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First we must let loose the wilds of our creative wonderings, and then we must be courageous enough to step out onto the plank, step after step farther from the safety of the ship, over the turbulent waters of not-knowing, ever riskier with each inch toward the end of the plank until we are so far out, there will be no getting back to the ship in order to attain security –

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The most important part – the most necessary absolute vital part – is the LEAP.

We can conjure, we can envision, but we must LEAP in order to bring our creative idea to life. that’s what brings artistic vision into the realm of our days and nights.

That’s why we can get in a plane and fly around our planet today.

They didn’t just imagine how cool it would be to fly. They imagined it then they worked on it, day after day, failure after failure, piecing it together, risking being the “crazy” ones, moving through their every fear, pressing on undaunted by the obstacles and smirks, until one day their machine lifted from the ground and that moment in the air meant their vision was true – it came to life because they dreamed, and then they ACTed.

They walked ALL the way to the end of the plank with their vision and LEAPT.

StART with your imagination.

Then ACT to bring your vision to life.

They will call you crazy. They will shake their heads and tell you that you’re not as smart as they are.

Some will ignore your words when you offer them a flight on your new-fangled flying machine, perhaps leaving you with the feeling your gift might somehow be wrong.

You are not wrong. Your gift is not wrong. Your dream is important and the actions you decide to take this moment, right now, will determine everything.

Leave them there, behind you. Leap from the plank away from the naysayers.

Be ready to fly through the air alone.

When making art, you need TWO things:  your inspired VISION and your courage to –
L E A P !

Are you so cool you’re finding my hidden messages? Hope so! Have you had the courage to leap? When? How? The more people talk about it, the more people we can inspire. Please share your story in the comments – have the courage to leap!

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