nightingales for aldous

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i sat on my couch in mystic and i read the words aldous huxley had written long ago. they were the words in his poem called “seasons” and by the time i had finished the poem, i knew this would be the first poem i would never be without again. i committed it to memory right then and there.

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i wrote a song for aldous, too, with the same title as this painting. the painting pays tribute to aldous’s exploratory nature – he investigated the nuances of his own mind with his imagination and also, sometimes, through chemical means. he also was blind for a time in his younger years, as a result of an illness. that period of blindness may have started his quest for insight, or inner sight.

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in the painting i have included parts of his poem – but nightingales call back the sun, the doors are down and i can run. his initials follow – a.h.  i like that his initials spell the word “ah.” it’s the sound we make when we’re in too big a hurry to say “eureka!”

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i also included “jin li” in the silk – it’s a bit hidden. it means “truth” and i think that’s what aldous was looking for when he explored other dimensions.

art is an adventure – pack your ‘kerchief with crayons and let’s hit the road.

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