life lessons by the silver clan dancer sprites

I often look to the natural world for lessons on how to be, how to live, how to manage the wild ups and downs of a human life. The wisdom is evident if we look closely. The sun shines, wide and strong, the rivers run clear and offer refreshment to any being who takes a sip. The trees bend when the wind blows – they don’t just break in half and give up unless the storm is too much to take. The flowers gift fragrance, beauty and inspiration. Even the rainiest of days is gorgeous if we realize the deep need we all have for the quenching of our thirst.

I like to make art that mimics life – that way perhaps some wisdom will sneak in there, too, the way it naturally presents itself if we but make ourselves aware, awake, perceptive.  I love to make art that moves in the breeze and reflects light, changes as the shadows change in relation to the time of day and angle of that season’s rays of light.

I’ve created a clan of silver dancer sprites, among other works of art, and I feel them whisper to me – in just a mere glance – of life lessons. They fly effortlessly, never tire, keep their arms raised to the sky with joy. Some pose in yogini-style positions and allow you to feel that pose and the benefits, all in a quick glance, because we embody what we think about and a great stretch is a wonderful thing.

Here – take a peek:original art, sculpture


Here’s an airborne silver dancer sprite:

silver clan dancer sprite spinner

This one’s an acrobat – you can’t tell in still photos, but she’s spinning:

silver dancer sprite acrobatsilver dancer spirte acrobat








Another spinner:

scultpure silver dancer spirte clan










One more yogini:

scultpure, original art

And a couple from the brass and copper clan:

brass and copper dancer sprite clan

original art, sculpture, julie doane roberts

If you’re interested in bringing some artistic inspiration into your daily existence, please email me at and I can set you up with your very own dancer sprite who will cheer you on to living your wisest life.

Prices range from $30 to $100, depending on size (from 5″ x 5″ up to 20″ x 20″). As always, shipping is included!

Dance on, you sprite!

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