Let the Gurus Go: Unlearn, Question, Create

original art photography - julie doane robertsA while back a very nice woman I spoke with suggested I might be concerned my creativity could be compromised by a particular action she advocated – I think politeness is good for creating a civil society, so I didn’t interrupt to tell her how wrong she was. Plus, I’m very sure her intentions were good when she spoke the words.

I waited until the end of her sentence and then said, No, I have absolutely no fear whatsoever that my creativity could be compromised. There is no part of me that thinks my creativity can be diminished at all, in fact.

I couldn’t not be creative if I tried. I don’t know how to not be creative. It’s not something separate from me or something I have to find or learn.

My creativity IS me.

Creating is who I am. It is effortless and enjoyable and instantaneously available at all times. (The same is true for YOU.)

This got me thinking about why someone would think such a thing – that creativity is something that may stop or be interrupted.

The reason I don’t feel separate from my creativity is that being creative is not something I learned. Rather, it’s been about unlearning the blocks to creativity and keeping them unlearned.

I’m an awesome unlearner. I don’t like to brag, but seriously – if something I’ve learned or been told rings hollow or untrue, I shall drop that thing. Unlearning the false makes more room for the true.

There’s not a guru on the planet whose opinion means more to me than mine.

In fact, a lot of what passes as common knowledge could be rejected in order to create a more interesting population of problem solvers, artists, brilliant folk.

We are often taught to settle for the status quo. THAT is very important to unlearn as fast as possible.

My best friends are questions – I love them. I particularly like these: Is that really true? Can I change it? What if – ? Or this? Or that? What if I turn it over?

What if I turn it inside out? Upside down?

What if the OPPOSITE is actually true?

The best way to honor one’s own wisdom is by questioning everything, all assumptions, generalizations and haughty remarks (yes, even what I’ve written here!).

Ask questions. Seek your truth. Unlearn what hobbles your progress and create according to your own unique genius.

Honor yourself – let the gurus go.

That’s the process of unlearning. Find your own path, enjoy your every single step of discovery. Light your own way with your own song. Blaze a starry path in the direction of your soul.

You were born creative and then countless lies were thrown your way. It’s understandable you believed them for a time, while you learned and lived and realized new revelations.

Sometimes it’s what we unlearn that makes the magic come true.

Say YES to the magic!

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