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When I really believe in something, I don’t hesitate to invite others to benefit from what I know to be helpful and inspiring. That’s why I’m writing a quick and heartfelt post to share the link to the work of someone who has inspired me.

Christine Kane has the kind of clarity that I FEEL when I watch her videos. I recall vividly that after watching one of her videos, I was so on fire and clear about getting work done that I ran around like a superhero!

What I really need is a pocket version of Christine – one I can consult at the drop of a hat, ask questions and get those super clear answers that crystallize my vision. No such pocket version of Christine exists, or least none that I know of!

I’m encouraging people to sign up for Christine’s upcoming teleclass for the same reason I just signed up for it – you can NEVER have too much clarity OR too much inspiration! I will be participating because I am happy to receive another dose of quick-ass clarity about how best to share my work on the internet frontier.

It’s free and will likely help you in ways you’ll find surprising. If you sign up and love the info she shares, please let me know.

My hope is that her work will bring showers of good things to YOU!


Remember, it’s a free class, so there is nary a risk here. It’s on March 13th and I believe space is limited, so scoot-scoot and sign up if you want to invite more inspiration into your work!



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