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i’m not the first person to suggest dogs often make great role models.  if you take a peek at the picture to the right, you’ll understand why i believe dogs can offer us a glimpse of our true and most joyful nature.

this is my girl, soleil.  her full name is shanti-soleil lao tzu peter rabbit tintle-tintle.  can you see the joy that red kong toy brings her?

she’s blissed out, smiling, thrilled, and all for the love of playing with a ball-ish object.

can you do that, too?  can you let one simple thing fill you with joy right now?

i feel it strongly whenever i look at her – i feel so deeply grateful she’s in my life.  she fills me with joy instantly when i think about her, gaze at her, pet her soft golden fur.  believe it or not, she smells like a field of flowers on a warm summer afternoon.  it’s true.  i’m so lucky i found her.

she teaches me lots of things, though this one is truly significant:  to be steeped in joy, grateful to the brim and even overflowing for some real and simple thing, is a portal to some precious gift.

your turn to joy it up

pick one thing now – your favorite coffee cup, your favorite tree in the yard, the smile on your child’s face, the shy yet courageous wave from the kid next door, your pup, your kitten, that thoughtful person who let you into traffic today (while even smiling at you), a breeze that refreshes, a peaceful moment to let your mind wander – whatever it is just fill yourself up with gratitude and joy.

and if you are ready to challenge yourself, catch yourself the next time you are about to fall into a tailspin of self-flagellation and fear and do this simple thing again – choose one aspect of your experience and fill you so full of joy because of it that all your fear falls away like the nothing it is.

this is how to do it:

1.  fill yourself with gratitude for that one part of your life you treasure.

2.  feel good – let the energy of thankfulness expand through your whole body, mind and spirit.

3.  beam with joy.

4.  repeat.

it’s simple as one, two, three, four.

results of the challenge

let me know if you manage to catch yourself BEFORE the fall next time.  if you can catch yourself before the fall, you can skip the fall altogether and get on with the feeling good.  and feeling good usually brings more feeling good – nothing wrong with that.

so what is that single aspect of your experience that fills you so full of joy?

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