have you got OoMs in your rooms?

unique wall art, epic art by julie doane roberts, OoMs, personal treasure and unique interior design

epic art II, wall sculpture by julie doane roberts, at long island pulse magazine headquarters

what is an OoM?  it’s a quick way of saying Object of Meaning – we all have them, even a minimalist is likely to have a few.

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you’ve likely read The War of Art by Mr. Steven Pressfield.  early in the book he tells us about some of his OoMs – his lucky cannon that he points at his chair, the charm from the gypsy, and so on.  it’s fascinating how objects and stories get tied together.

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we elevate objects to a higher status when they can “take us there” – to a different time, to THEN, to that event, with that someone, in that place, when we felt that feeling.

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we assign the significance to these objects.  and since we’re the authors of their meaning, we have a great deal of control concerning the stories they tell.

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we can write a new story for an OoM to symbolize a change we’d like to make.  we can honor an OoM by placing it somewhere we see it often.  an OoM can even help us to transform grief if we let it tell a new story infused with hope.

it’s a way to think about things. contemplate.  question.  consider.  wonder.

be curious.

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be aware of all your stories and whether they lift you up, or bring you down.  sift through them.  discover yourself IN them.  decide if you would like to tell some new stories, and if so, write.

why OoMs are so special

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you’ll find these OoMs make possible what seems impossible – time travel – it’s a very real form of time travel we have the perfect technology to render:  our memories.

true or imagined, new or old, the stories we tell ourselves become more important than fact as we act on our thinking and the meaning we assign.

the image above shows a work of art i made with some of my OoMs, or what i also refer to as “personal treasure.”

the many OoMs showcased in it remind me of my grandparents, parents, siblings, my nieces and nephews, neighborhood kids, walks on the beach, sculptures i made with rusted fence pieces, people i have loved along the way, gardens i visited, objects i found as i journeyed, and it also features glass beads in jewel-toned colors that inspire me.

this work of art has traveled to art shows, graced the walls of long island pulse headquarters, enlivened dramatically a number of rooms in my many well-loved homes.

in fact, this work of art is in my office singing to me right now, as i type this.  it reminds me constantly of my deep, rich life, full of soulful connections and discovery.  my personal treasure represents my experiences, what i value, the love i have known in my very blessed life.

epic art

this is “epic art” – a wall full of stories, journeys taken by objects through time, formed by weather, experience, trials.

just like us.

how we respond to our OoMs is important – some OoMs need to be let go of to make room for new OoMs, some are best passed along to someone else, and still others can be turned into art so you can best behold your own story, to remind you it’s all about your stories, even the stories you tell yourself in the quiet solitude of your own mind.

and we the authors, what will we write today?

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Lisa@SacredCircle November 30, 2010 at 7:27 pm

Julie… this reminds me so much of an exercise that Patti Digh had us do in Jen Louden’s virtual retreat last winter…. she had us look around and notice what object in the room attracted our attention the most… and then we explored the stories around them. I had picked up one my son’s toys… a monster truck…. oh, do I cringe at monster trucks… but by the end of my story, it was a symbol of just how much I love my little boy, even when he’s a ferocious bear barreling through the house without regard to the damage he’s causing (much like a monster truck!). Thank you for the reminder… I’m going to do something similar live at my wild women’s circle next year!

julie December 1, 2010 at 12:31 am

hi lisa ~
your monster truck story is great – thanks for sharing.

i am sure your retreat next year will be wonderful – i look forward to hearing more!
~ julie

tammy vitale December 1, 2010 at 4:02 pm

Just made it over to read this and LOVE it! OOMS are like extended altars (which I have everywhere): same concept, just more…a whole wall (how awesome is that?!). Love this post. Am off to share on FB and of course twitter where I found it. Thank you!

julie December 1, 2010 at 4:20 pm

thank you, tammy! i love your appreciation of this kind of art – imbued with meaning via stories and dancing with the light and air.

thank you for sharing on FB too – my goal is to get on FB this week. yes, i don’t have a FB account yet – i’m the ONLY one in the northern hemisphere without one, i think!

your soulful art makes you a great appreciator, tammy. thank you for your spirit and joy.

Ken December 7, 2010 at 11:08 pm

Now, that’s an acronym I’ll remember the rest of my life.

julie December 8, 2010 at 5:09 pm

hey ken ~
thanks – i do want it to be memorable! perhaps it’s significant that these unforgettable OoMs create EPIC ART – it’s the awareness of significance and meaning that weaves all the smaller stories into one big epic.

thanks for joining the story and helping to make it EPIC!
~ julie

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