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when i got soleil, i hadn’t thought of a name for her. i wasn’t really sure i was going to get a dog that night. thank heavens i did.

for the first couple of weeks, i explored various options though much as i liked a name, they all seemed to fail as a perfect fit.  then, one morning, i stood outside with her and noticed how the rays of light falling on her fur were the same color as her fur – how she looked so very much like sunlight.

a few variations on sunrays, sunshine, sunnygirl, etc., floated through my mind without exciting me, so i searched for a name in a different language. soleil – a pretty name.not just pretty, but also this lyrical word means something as truly big as she is to me – the sun, that bright, warm, glowing, trustworthy, fearless, always with me, comforting, cheery, optimistic, life giver – yes, that’s the name my girl needs.

then, in my groovy friend alyssa’s yoga class, she said this: shanti-shanti-shanti!  and i asked her what that meant. she told me it’s sanskrit for “peace.”

ah, my little peace-sun, soleil – now dubbed shanti-soleil!

and of course, her name got a little longer as i got to know her million and two other glorious facets – her wisdom (lao tzu), those ears – those jumps! (peter rabbit), her sparkly nature (tintle-tintle – my niece’s pronunciation of “twinkle-twinkle” which is just what this baby star does constantly) – she delights me with the unfailing light of her being.

i’m so grateful for this girl, shanti-soleil lao tzu peter rabbit tintle-tintle, this precious peace-bringing light i have found.

who lights you up the way my shanti-soleil does for me?

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