folie á deux

my heart fell right out onto the canvas here:  part neptune, part aphrodite, two people running on a beach, a sea of questions.

we’re all in this mystery together, we sometimes forget.  here we are on planet earth with our loved ones, our neighbors, our enemies and friends.

we’re all in the mystery together.

folie á deux may be two of us confused – in my opinion, it may also be one of us confused in two ways.  my point is, i’m very flexible when it comes to who the crazy one is because i think at the heart of it, we really just take turns.

we can reach out; we can reach in.

call the dwellers of olympus to you and imagine them washing your mind clean.  renewed, clear, the colors you imagine delight this real world we share.

the world outside us is inside us, too.  that’s really the secret – let the fact that now is the only time make each moment one that lasts so there is only one permanent moment.  now.  here.  you, me and all of them.

we’re all in this mystery at the very same time – each one of us, alone, together.

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