face of not forgetting

at first, i called this haunting. then that didn’t seem to fit so well. she’s in two places at once – you can tell by her eyes.

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she’s remembering something. and i think she’s also thinking about the future. and that’s just one eye – the other eye is doing two other things, too. she’s watching us and she’s watching us watch her.

it’s so much seeing at once, she’s like a revolving door.

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she’s not forgetting enough. i should know – i’ve been accused of remembering things. yes, once, someone said, wow, you really remember things. it was not a compliment.

i think that’s funny. since then i’ve been on a strict regimen of forgetting and it seems to be working. now, what was i writing about?

anyway, this image reminds us to choose a few things to forget so our two eyes can be in one place, able to see just one thing – what really is.

created in new london, connecticut
(sketched above the el n’ gee club, completed at zach and kristen’s table)

she also kind of reminds me of athena, sort of a marble feel to her, and she’s solid as sylvia’s father, at least.

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a permanence.  a quiet settled motionless hush.  she’s like a worry doll – you let her take your woes on for you because she does so already anyway, so let her, then you can just listen to how marble is the master of quietude.  you can let things settle.  everything has been silenced by gravity.

love the quiet.  love the –

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