epic art II

epic art II measures approximately nine feet by ten feet.  in this wall sculpture personal treasures blend with found objects and swarovski® crystals to tell stories – and all those stories combine to create the epic.

the objects of significance include my grandmothers’ jewelry – rings and pendants and pins – my grandfather’s gorgeous handwriting that spells out my mother’s name on a piece of cloth (he’d written her name on a sheet when she left for boarding school way back when she was just 13 years old – i never had the chance to meet him as he was gone before i was born), pieces of rust collected by sweet nieces, nephews and neighborhood kids, as well as smaller sculptures i made especially for this work.

the strands dance in the air currents and create flashes of light off the facets of the crystals.  the objects of meaning make me feel close to my grandparents even though they have all passed away.  the colors and textures, the weathered elements and personal stories represented bring me happiness, comfort, peace and meaning when i look at this work of art.

i even put me in there – leaping and dancing at the center of the work as i am this sculpture’s mother and steward.  for over a decade i have lived with this work gracing my walls and i love it every bit as much now as i did then.

you may have seen it on display at the hoxie gallery, in westerly, rhode island, or in the headquarters of long island pulse magazine, patchogue, new york, or in any of my many abodes.  i love to watch people look at it – they gaze, head tilted back, eyes roaming then resting on this object or that, until the eyes seek out that next object to consider and wonder about.  the slightest detail whispers a bit more of the story and there is always something new to be found.

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