Did Cave People Have Something You Don’t?

peace lily, black and white, flora, flowerGo ahead and tell me how you’ve got too many brilliant ideas, too brilliant to tell even, and how you have solutions lined up before a problem shows, how you’re so creative you know the answers before you’re asked.

Tell me how you wish you had fewer solutions, more problems, how you hate being bogged down by all the instant answers that come to you, how effortless creation is such a drag.

Yes, bring me your poor and huddled masses, those who wish to break free from their burdensome imaginations, their quick minds, agile thoughts, harmonious resolutions, humor, lighthearted air…

Oh yeah, you likely can’t. Because people don’t generally go around wishing they were less bright, less imaginative, less able to conjure solutions, and there’s a reason for that.

Imagination fuels the richness of your life.

It makes your palette bigger, your canvas broader – more colors, more adventure, more LIFE.

What? You’ve left your imagination unattended, untested, dormant, sluggish, silenced and ignored? You want to tell me the awful details of how you can’t even remember the last time you actually used your imagination?

Well, you have landed in the right place. Fret no more. Your imagination misses you and wants you back! Your imagination is not gone forever, nor is it lost out to sea or irretrievable.

Your imagination is right where you left it, waiting patiently for your return. Your imagination is like the most loyal puppy, more than ready to bounce up and wag, leap, pant and smile with joy for one thing – you and your glorious attention.

And just like with that puppy, the first thing to do is let your imagination know you’re home and ready to spring some meaningful and enlightened action back into your life.

The magic will start when you invite creative solutions, open your mind to new ways of seeing, access your imagination directly by being awake and aware.  Let it be a spark inside you even if it starts as a tiny and fleeting flash.

People have been imagining amazing solutions since humanity’s best housing solution was a cave. Yes, think about it – cave dwellers turned bone to tool, pelt to clothing, cave walls into works of art.

Did the cave people have something you don’t?

No excuses, it’s time to wake up and live your most imaginative life.

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living your most imaginative life is what it’s all about – let it stART!

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