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puzzle, painting, unique art, original arti’ve been hiding.  do you do that too? seriously, hiding – for decades.

that’s over now and for a reason i think is interesting.  you see, the other day i watched byron katie’s “turn it around” dvd and it had a profound and unexpected effect on me.

byron katie’s work is amazing and she’s a true gift to all of us.  if you don’t know her work, please check it out by clicking here.

but that wasn’t what actually blew my mind the other day – the most profound and startling realization i had is that i have been hiding and by doing so, i’ve slighted my familial humans.

the people in this film – from the young woman with a “controlling” mom to the woman whose heart broke for the starving polar bears – showed such courage to reveal themselves in such deeply personal ways.

i learned something from each of their stories and from each thought they transformed with a few simple questions and their honest answers.  i’m grateful to them for their stories.

though the truest, most important and deepest thing i learned is that i have hidden away, keeping all my grandest revelations to myself.  if i share them, i can help someone the way the people in byron’s film helped me.  when i learn in a visible way, others can learn with me.

when something transformational happens to me, i have the power to share it with others so the lesson lives larger, spreads wider, touches other people in a meaningful way.

as the brilliant and beautiful Suellen Germani once said, “how dare you keep your art from the world?” she’s right – i’m done hiding.

are you hiding?  come on out – we need your story, too. life is a colorful puzzle we piece together and it’s most fun and inspiring when we contemplate the pieces together.

so, from here on out i’m sharing my piecing together of the puzzle – and i hope you’ll join me in doing so.  sure, it’s scary sometimes, but the rewards are deep and touching.  i care about this funny family of humans i belong to, so i offer my story as one more uniquely shaped piece in this colorful mystery.

c’mon – let’s share revelations!

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Tom Volkar / Delightful Work November 4, 2010 at 12:22 pm

As someone who has had the privilege to witness your emergence I say Bravo! Hiding is often a matter of stages. I sometimes hide my shadow side and I sometimes hide the visionary leader in me. But when folks like you put it all out there, in example, it does make it easier to stand tall.

admin November 8, 2010 at 8:03 pm

hey tom ~
thanks for your thoughts – it’s always nice to hear “bravo!” bravo back at you, too, for all that you do!
~ julie

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