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When I really believe in something, I don’t hesitate to invite others to benefit from what I know to be helpful and inspiring. That’s why I’m writing a quick and heartfelt post to share the link to the work of someone who has inspired me.

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Christine Kane has the kind of clarity that I FEEL when I watch her videos. I recall vividly that after watching one of her videos, bitcoin reddit wallet I was so on fire and clear about getting work done that I ran around like a superhero!

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What I really need is a pocket version of Christine – one I can consult at the drop of a hat, ask questions and get those super clear answers that crystallize my vision. No such pocket version of Christine exists, or least none that I know of!

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I’m encouraging people to sign up for Christine’s upcoming teleclass for the same reason I just signed up for it – you can NEVER have too much clarity OR too much inspiration! I will be participating because I am happy to receive another dose of quick-ass clarity about how best to share my work on the internet frontier.

It’s free and will likely help you in ways you’ll find surprising. If you sign up and love the info she shares, please let me know.

enter site My hope is that her work will bring showers of good things to YOU!


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Remember, Binary options broker in singapore 95 it’s a free class, so there is nary a risk here. It’s on source site March 13th and I believe click space is limited, so scoot-scoot and follow url sign up if you want to invite more inspiration into your work!




starry skylast night i went outside, looked up at the sky, stood in awe.

did you see it? did you look UP?

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you know that sweeping deep lure of total black – the one velvet does so well? that’s how the sky seemed, just forever soft, luxurious, plush black.

my mind rolled in the black, my eyes captivated by this seductive, endlessly deep and ever-unfolding pitch of seeming nothingness that is huge beyond my ability to gauge distance and size.

you know what hung from there, right? diamonds the size of Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus, the old and new fires called stars – STARS! – that’s what shiny magic the sky dangled toward me. i was in a familiar state of mesmerized as i took in the sparkle.

some people never look at the night sky. they walk along, head tucked to neck, collar up, darting eyes, mind so filled with thises and thats that no room exists for wonder, curiosity and awe. if you spend all your time looking at your feet, you’ll miss the most stunning canvas ever designed.

whether you are schooled on the constellations or not, the beauty and natural puzzle of the night sky offers rich experience and the jumping off point for stories, myths, memories, new visions and mysteries.

my life is tied up in the stars.

for example, many years ago i had a dog i loved, chaos, dear, sweet, angel boy. i knew he was going to die soon, so as i held him in my arms under the pretty birch tree in sag harbor i told him that even if we’re not physically in the same place in the cosmos, whenever i look at our brightest star, the dog star, Sirius, in the constellation Canis Major (Big Dog), he and i would be together as we were in that moment, on this clear night, under the beautifully sculpted, ghost-white tree.

i saw that very dog star last night. i gazed at it while i heard my new pup scamper about the yard, behind the hammock, somewhere in the shadows.

extraordinary – the stars seemed so close, like their brightness was yelling, like they were turned up to 11, like i had been in a desert and needed starlight to drink.

when i was young, so long ago, i looked up at the sky and wished i knew where things were – where is the constellation Hercules? which one is Aquila? where’s Orion? which one is Delphinus the dolphin, Lacerta the lizard, and so on.

i finally did learn the constellations and it was so worth the effort. when i look up and my eyes wander the starry puzzle it’s like seeing my old friends winking down at me. one of my favorite stars is Capella, in Auriga, a sweet star – and Auriga is the charioteer. i think of this round constellation as the track the chariots race on, the horses making music with their hooves, shaking the starlight as they lap the course.

this is how i learned about the stars, planets and constellations:

  • asked a friend for some info
  • read some books
  • invested in software
  • looked up at the sky for hours

the stars waited patiently for me there until i was ready to learn their names. and when i took the time to do it, i was rewarded with a beauty and orientation in space i had not known before. i look up now on a clear night and i know which direction is north, i see Draco the dragon slither between Ursa major and Ursa minor, and i see the dragon’s head point into the center of Hercules. it’s a map AND a puzzle, a way for me to know about my own cosmic neighborhood.

is there something YOU always wanted to learn about that you have not yet investigated? what’s been waiting patiently for you to pursue it?

what do you want to E X P L O R E?

you’re the only one who can start your trip, so notice that small voice in the background – hear what is whispers – then get curious and learn something new.

be an explorer – expand your mind, ready your curiosity, fill your holster with questions and ride out to find answers.

[need help doing it? hit me up for some conversation. my purpose in life is to cheer on exploration and the pursuit of expanded vision. and stay tuned for my next post in which i disclose my most heartfelt failing. yeah, it’s a journey and sometimes tough terrain needs to be surmounted. ride with more exuberance when that happens – but DO NOT get off your horse.]



I got lucky. I was born third. I have a big sister and a big brother, so when I was young a wide range of toys spilled out before me and I got to play with any kind of toy I fancied.

I had my sister’s Barbies to play with and I eventually even got the Winnebago so Barbie and her buddies could go on vacation when they needed to put up their deformed feet and take a break from their fashion obsession.

I had my brother’s GI Joe and his cool camouflage military van, Tonka trucks and Matchbox cars. My dad got us tiny houses and itty-bitty fake trees and we created a town for our cars to drive around in. We also had cap guns, pistols, holsters and tiny wee green soldiers that still occasionally pop up, these many decades later, in the dirt of the yard of our childhood home.

The very best part of my growing up is that I was not fenced in by gender roles – I had access to it all, from one extreme to the other.

I loved to play football. I was often quarterback and when I wasn’t, I was a wide receiver running for long bombs down near our opponent’s end zone. At first, I didn’t realize I was playing a game not intended for my gender. One Halloween I wore my brother’s football uniform to school as a costume and I can remember loving how it was so comfortable and easy to play on the playground in it – ever try to enjoy the monkey’s bar in a dress?

As I got older, I was forced to abandon my love of football – no room for girls on the field, of course. It didn’t seem fair that I couldn’t play.

And this is what The Girl Effect hinges upon – what exactly girls ARE and ARE NOT allowed to pursue as their lives unfold. What activities and opportunities are supported? And which ones are forbidden?

Sadly, the supported options tend to fall in the category of domestic work including doing dishes, washing clothes, carrying water, marrying young. Sadly again, what tends to be forbidden is the most empowering of activities: reading, writing, pursuing education, working outside the home, exercising one’s freedom to choose for oneself.

Sometimes it seems nothing is changing – girls and women across the globe still fight every single day to be heard, educated, valued, paid equally, respected, free to pursue what interests us. And that’s STILL true even in the fattest country on earth.

Sometimes, particularly in far off (AND not so far off) lands, girls are prevented from discovering their own most meaningful, fulfilling lives, stymied by cultural mores, at the hands of those who are so invested in the status quo that they can’t see the amazing potential of each and every girl.

This hurts girls – deeply.

And this hurts their communities – the very communities that demand that these limitations on girls stay firmly in place HURT THEIR OWN PROSPERITY by attempting to diminish the power of each girl.

But now the truth is motion – it’s The Girl Effect!

Now a new understanding is sparking to life in people’s minds and hearts across the world – the whole world! It won’t be spontaneous, I wish it were, but it IS inevitable – an unstoppable wave of support and change is moving toward each precious girl who yearns to live life according to her inner compass, reaching for knowledge, in pursuit of her dreams.

It wasn’t possible way back when I was girl, but look what’s happened:

The Queen of Kick is here!

Meet straight-A student, homecoming queen, football-playing Brianna Amat who won the homecoming football game in her hometown in Michigan with one BIG kick, who graciously wears her homecoming crown at the same time she sports shoulder pads.  [You can learn more about her story here.]

This is my favorite picture – she’s beautiful
in her shiny crown AND her football uniform!

Things ARE changing. Not fast enough, no doubt, but incrementally – and we must stay inspired and on task so we can help girls in even the farthest reaches of our planet.

We can strengthen the wave of hope so it crashes on MORE shores where more and MORE girls wait with their most heartfelt dreams on hold – they are waiting for us to reach them. We have to hurry!

Invest in girls – and you will lift entire communities to new levels of wellness.

Invest in girls – and you will support the development of our next generation of brilliant problem-solvers.

We inch closer to each girl with every inspired action, generous donation and open mind we bring to the process.

We need YOU to be part of this wave – bring YOUR inspired action, generous donation and open mind!

Learn more about the girl effect here:  The Girl Effect!

And please join the girl effect blogging campaign here:

What can YOU kick start to help girls in the world?

I thank you wholeheartedly for YOUR INSPIRED ACTION.

goooooooooooooooooooooooooo girls!


wrap a wish in a hope and tie it with action.



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