bead of light

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this is my garden in mystic, back when life was easy and my sweet dog chaos was with me. i made the garden border out of an old rusty metal fence and then wrapped wire and jewel-toned beads around the edges. in the afternoon light, the garden would sing bright red pinpoints, cobalt blue, emerald green and yellow gold, amethyst, and root beer, too.

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eggplant, hot peppers, basil and tomatoes were born within the bejeweled edges of that garden. i used seaweed as fertilizer. it was a very happy garden, humble and sweet.

and in the background, that’s the whynot house – really, whynot. i always liked that.

i love this simple bead filled with light. the delicate tops of the grass and the shadows are patient, abiding.

it’s about letting the rest of the world fall gently into place.

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