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i’m an artist with one hope:  art can change me, you and the whole world for the better.

we can transform ourselves with each creative act the way water carves a canyon.

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we can create a better world than the one we were born into, if we take risks, embrace differences, realize our power to redefine, recreate, re-envision.

YOU have that power – oh yes you do.

what will you do with it?

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whatever your dream, it’s worth starting now – http://homeworks-get.com/?mining=r-bitcoin-coinbase stART now – commit to waking your imagination up – shaking your imagination up – you have powers dormant, stirring, whispering sweet somethings oh so gently in your ear.

i’d like to help you help yourself.

i really enjoy helping people.

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if you now sit at the intersection of wondering how to go about transforming your self, life and world, please let me know that – i’m in favor of you living at your most creative yet.

cloud mining sites free YOU might need help getting started with YOUR first-hand art – i can help you with that, art is a magical wonderland.

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go to site YOU might want to rewrite some of those old stories, the ones that feel like a burden, the stories of grief – art can help with that, seems to me.  it’s a worthwhile process to explore.

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go here i can help you plan and build new things to bring you hope. art created with intention, even if the intention is just discovery or fun, is interesting to experience over time. it’s a relationship you forge with your own hands and imagination.

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your personal transformation, this global waking up, my endless hope to keep discovering and rediscovering the breath of inspiration – these are my concerns.

my wish for YOU is this:

discovery – makes life interesting!

questions – to be loved, never feared.

differences – worth accepting, celebrating, appreciating.

paradox equals something to think about it, wonder about, explore.

scary stuff – a trigger! what might THAT mean?

art –

a chance to…






and paint –

what will YOU make?

life is big enough to wander around in, see what you bump into, get lost from time to time so you can rediscover yourself anew.

surprise yourself in a SURPRISING way.

this is life, NOT a test – now go, play.

find joy there. a quiet listening sweet kind that arrives like falling snow.

… or were you hoping to find the “facts” about who i am?  i can share some of those, too.

i was born and raised in Connecticut, pretty state with lots of trees and shoreline.

i hold a see BA with Distinction, from Connecticut College, in New London, Connecticut, in International Relations.  i started as a theater major.  funny.

i hold an http://www.vovinam-leslilas.com/uk-fsa-binary-options-profit-95 MFA in English and Writing from Southampton College, Southampton, New York, which was part of LIU but is now known as Stony Brook Southampton.

i’ve explored artistic arenas – i played Martha in Edward Albee’s get link Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? and i taught original choreography throughout New England.

i paint, draw, build sculptures and Binary option in forex trading system 5 mc enjoy creating art out of everything i find – from driftwood to surprising thoughts, rusty fences to treasured memories.

i took a few guitar lessons then sat down and really learned to play – by being at one with my guitar, by letting the notes take me for a ride.

i write songs and when i play them,  i am transported to another place and time. transportation, my music is – i’ll be recording more soon to share.