is your space as unique as you are?

does your space support you, provide you a sanctuary, make your soul sing?

YOU’RE source link one of a kind, right?

so your home and workspace can be unique, too – special to you, designed according to your story, your loves, your interests.

maybe that sounds great, but you’re not sure how to make it happen…

maybe you feel overwhelmed or at a loss for ideas when you contemplate making your space unique – perhaps you’re not sure where to start, what materials you need, where to get them so it will all come together right?

original art, giclée, statue of liberty, julie doane roberts giclées are fine art prints on canvas that can help you create unique space

i can help you do it – how?

i have THREE ways of helping you create unique space. the FIRST way is fast and simple and great – you can buy unusual art and add that to your space to help create the sanctuary you desire.

i’ve created lots of original art [drawings, paintings, sculptures and photography] that buy 70 followers on instagram i offer as prints and giclees can you buy facebook photo likes custom-made for people who invite me to help them create unique space.

sculpture, blue sky, dreamstarter, jewels, your dream dreamstarters are a cool first-hand art experience

the SECOND way i can help is by getting you stARTed thinking about easy buy instagram followers making art – that’s what a first-hand art coach does. we start by having a conversation to find out if it sounds like fun – if it does, we proceed – we talk about where you would like to place your artwork, what kind enthralls you, what type of meaningful changes you’d like to make. if not, that’s ok too, at least we had a nice chat.

if you are interested in enjoying your home and workspace as a buy instagram follower unique expression of who you are, it’s worth exploring.

how about an example? below is an image of a work of art i made with michelle to transform her home with a follow site gorgeous colorfall – this is the kind of art we work together to create especially for YOU and the space you want to transform:

unique art, julie doane roberts, sculpture

I love how this art has the ability to both calm my senses and energize me. I love how the top piece of the art hangs from a beautiful piece of wood discovered next to a pond near my house. I love how the piece is so unique and personalized to my sacred living space.

Every newcomer to my home admires this special piece of art and beauty. It’s one-of-a-kind!

~ michelle h. baltierras
boulder, colorado, usa

the THIRD way i help transform space is by creating original artwork for your space. i create epic art, colorfalls, dreamstarters, why-r sprites and jewel-words for my clients. if you are interested, please contact me so we can arrange a time to discuss your space, the artwork you would like to feature and how we can best create a solution that you love-love-love.

one of the most wonderful aspects of the artwork i create is how light and air currents impact how they grace a room. i am literally stopped in my tracks sometimes by the glowing jewel-tones filled with light, with the shadows as they dance on the wall, as i witness this personalized, unusual art that transforms space with its unique design.

when i create works of art for people, we feature the watch OoMs special to each person’s unique story – what’s an OoM? it’s an object of meaning and we all have them tucked away, perched on a dresser or bookcase, held onto for their personal significance. it’s what i call “ personal treasure” and it’s best featured prominently where it can be enjoyed and loved for the stories and meaning they evoke.

i also find it a fun challenge to help people create art with what materials they have that re-purpose nicely. if you have rusted wire fencing, glass and frames, or other materials taking up space because you know they deserve a better life than languishing in a landfill, contact me – this is where art proves that transformation is all in your head and heart – imaginative solutions create unique art AND unique space!

and before you go – be sure to sign up for the stART! it’s your own personal invite to a more artistic life with good words and art to get your weekend stARTed right!